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The lawyers trying to prove Trump sabotaged the ACA

Episode Summary

These lawyers say that President Trump sabotaged the Affordable Care Act — and that they can prove his moves are illegal.

Episode Notes

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump and his administration oppose the Affordable Care Act. But what's gone under the radar: a lawsuit that’s trying to use Trump’s own words to prove that his "sabotage" violates his constitutional responsibilities.

On the podcast, Zach Klein — the attorney for Columbus, Ohio — explains to POLITICO's Dan Diamond why he decided to join the multi-city lawsuit against the Trump administration and how efforts to weaken the ACA could harm his constituents.

After the break, Yale law professor Abbe Gluck explains the legal theory behind the case and whether she thinks it has a shot at success.

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Columbus joined Baltimore, Chicago and other cities in suing the Trump administration.

Abbe Gluck in October 2017 laid out the argument that Trump's moves to undermine the Affordable Care Act were illegal.