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Pulse Check at Work: Data scientist

Episode Summary

Meet the analysts who are plucking insights from health care's growing pool of data.

Episode Notes

Health care is awash in data. And we’re all being tracked, maybe in ways we don’t even realize, by a new class of analysts, armed with increasingly savvy tools.

So who are these people — these data scientists — and what exactly do they do? That's what we'll answer on this episode of "Pulse Check: At Work."

First, Jonathan Sung takes us inside his data-driven projects at the Department of Transportation and Kaiser Permanente.

Then, Aneesh Chopra — who was the nation's first Chief Technology Officer and is now president of CareJourney, a firm using data to improve care — explains the skill set to get hired as a data scientist and why he thinks we need a "digital Hippocratic Oath."

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