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On Uwe Reinhardt's new book and lasting legacy

Episode Summary

The famed economist's wife opens up on life with Uwe and lessons from his final book.

Episode Notes

For health care policy wonks, for decades, perhaps there was no more recognizable name than "Uwe" — the Princeton professor who could explain health care's broken economics in a snappy soundbite.

Uwe Reinhardt passed away in November 2017 but his new book is out this week. His wife and collaborator, Tsung-Mei (May) Cheng, sat down with POLITICO's Dan Diamond to discuss Reinhardt's life, work and lasting lessons.


"Priced Out," Reinhardt's final book, was published this week.

Reinhardt appeared on NPR's "Fresh Air" in 2009 to discuss the push for the Affordable Care Act.

POLITICO Pulse Check's November 2017 reflections on Reinhardt. (Starts at the 45:38 mark.)

"It's the prices, stupid," Reinhardt and colleagues declared in a 2003 Health Affairs paper on the United States' problem with high health costs.

At Stat News, Gerard Anderson — a Johns Hopkins professor and co-author on the "prices, stupid" paper — reflects on Reinhardt's life and work.