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Neera Tanden on Medicare Extra, the Democratic primary and Trump's legacy

Episode Summary

The Center for American Progress CEO discusses her organization's health plan, the 2020 election and the political fights dividing the nation.

Episode Notes

Neera Tanden is one of the most prominent voices in the Democratic party — and her organization, the Center for American Progress, has been pumping out policy ideas ahead of the 2020 election, helping shape the Democratic primary.

Neera sits down with POLITICO's Dan Diamond to discuss CAP's signature Medicare Extra proposal and Democrats' debate over Medicare for All (starts at the 1:00 mark), what she makes of the Democratic primary (15:30), President Donald Trump's influence on politics and why Neera blames Trump for the "warfare" gripping America (22:45), and if the Democratic party has a leadership gap (28:30).


Neera first appeared on PULSE CHECK in June 2017, as Republicans pushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

CAP commissioned an independent analysis from Avalere on its Medicare Extra plan.

Vox's Ezra Klein praised many elements of CAP's Medicare Extra proposal.

Progressives have urged Democrats to commit to Medicare for All, saying that opting for a public option instead would still leave millions at risk.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that 70 percent of respondents favor "Medicare for All" when they have a choice between a government plan and private insurance, but just 41 percent favor a mandatory Medicare for All plan.