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Meet America’s next top insurance lobbyist

Episode Summary

The incoming leader of America’s Health Insurance Plans discusses how he’ll set the agenda, whether AHIP has lost influence and what the Trump administration is doing to the nation’s insurance markets.

Episode Notes

In six weeks, Matt Eyles will become the CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, taking over for Marilyn Tavenner — one of the most prominent seats in health policy.

But before that, Eyles sat down with POLITICO to preview his agenda, critique the Trump administration’s changes to the insurance markets and rebuff concerns that AHIP has lost influence in Washington.

On the podcast, Eyles discussed what it’s like to be a lobbyist in the Trump era and how he arrived at AHIP (starts at the 1:30 mark); how his leadership will differ from Tavenner’s (6:05); his thoughts on UnitedHealthcare and other top insurers choosing to leave AHIP, and whether his organization has lost juice on Capitol Hill (9:00); his views on Medicaid and why AHIP is touting the public program's benefits (16:40); the Trump administration’s changes to Obamacare and the insurance markets (19:40); the employer insurance market (26:30); and insurers seeking mergers with players like CVS Health (27:30).

After the break, POLITICO insurance reporter Paul Demko joins Dan Diamond to analyze Eyles’ comments, discuss the future of AHIP and review the Trump administration’s insurance market changes. (Starts at the 30:00 mark).

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