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How the courts are deciding Obama and Trump's health care legacies, with Katie Keith

Episode Summary

Katie Keith, Georgetown law professor and Health Affairs blogger, unpacks the Trump administration's efforts to reshape health care and the ACA through regulations and litigation.

Episode Notes

"We're doing health policy by litigation these days."

The fate of Obamacare and a slew of Trump health care policies — from Medicaid work requirements to Title X family planning changes — now rests in the courts.

Georgetown law professor Katie Keith sat down with POLITICO's Dan Diamond to discuss the legal fight over the Affordable Care Act, the litigation over Trump-era regulations, the rollback of LGBTQ patient policies and her own role as Health Affairs' go-to blogger for ACA analysis.


Oral arguments are looming next month as Democrat-led states appeal a decision, supported by the Trump administration, that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

The Texas Tribune looked closer at how GOP lawyers have steered cases to Judge Reed O'Connor, hoping he'll keep striking down Obama-era regulations.

The Trump administration last month rolled back protections for LGBTQ patients. HHS also announced new protections for religious health workers, a decision that drew on old polling by Kellyanne Conway.

Katie blogs about ACA regulations at Health Affairs.