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Coronavirus: One-on-one with Scott Gottlieb

Episode Notes

"We can't afford to let this happen again," said the former FDA commissioner, offering advice on next steps.

Dan Diamond sits down with Gottlieb, who's become one of the most prominent voices publicly on coronavirus while privately advising the Trump administration on its response.

Gottlieb discussed his new travel routine (starts at the 1:15 mark), the tragedy unfolding in New York City (4:15), the next cities he thinks are at risk, (11:30), his aggressive warnings on coronavirus (16:10) and his advice to the administration and whether he'd go back inside (23:45).

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Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Gottlieb and Luciana Borio on Jan. 28 urged leaders to "act now to prevent an American epidemic."

Gottlieb and fellow former FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan this week issued a road map to combat COVID-19.

POLITICO called Gottlieb "the shadow coronavirus czar" — a term he disputed.